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Friday, October 11, 2013

As The First Snow Flies

As the first snow flew yesterday in Flagstaff, I felt another summer season of activity in the mountains of Flagstaff coming to a close. I have had a building awareness of this closure over last month as aspens turn, grasses brown and alpine flowers wilt.

This has been a summer like no other for me. At work, we have been ramping up to build a new bouldering Gym in Flagstaff (which started construction yesterday). At home, we have been 'all in' caring for our, now 8 month old, baby girl Addie. Swimming through this new busy schedule has been quite the adventure and challenge. It has taken pretty much all my focus. Doesn't leave a lot for running. As a result, I haven't been very active. No big adventures in the wilderness for this guy this summer. Pretty much everything I had planned at the beginning of the summer (big off trail canyon running and mountain adventures) didn't materialize. All the adventure came at work and home.

With the little extra time I've been able to eek out, I have been running to work on the trails from time to time and have learned to squeeze in a lunch time run here and there along with some short stroller runs with Addie. I had a good stretch earlier in the summer of running 20-25 miles a week, even nabbing the odd summit on Humphreys, but then as work got busier and all the rest, my running has dropped to 0-10 miles a week with the odd 15 mile week.

With what little running I have been able to do, I try to get the most adventure I can out of it. I pretty much stay off trail and wander through the woods a lot. When I'm at home with Addie (I part time it with Susan) I have been going on some hikes from home with Addie strapped to my chest and generally wander around off trail or on rarely traveled foot paths finding steep hills to crank up and down.

As hard as it is to see a prime summer and fall go without any real adventures, I think that this summer off from serious running and adventuring has been good for me in the long run. Beyond feeling pretty exhausted at times from lack of sleep from taking care of Addie, I have felt energy in my running (in what little I do) that I haven't felt in a couple years and I feel like my weary body has been able to mend all of it's minor tweaks and pains. To top it off, I think all the lack of sleep caring for Addie will make me tougher mentally and physically when I do get back out there and deal with sleep deprivation and extreme exhaustion during long adventures. We will see.

All that said, I can't wait until I can start adventuring again. I've got plenty of epic ideas... just gotta make 'em a reality. Now to find some free time:)

A sweet moment during a hike out with the family a short walk from our home.
Susan and Addie enjoying Fall colors a few days before our first snow. I love this photo!

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