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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Grand Canyon Backcountry Running article published in Trail Runner!

A long time dream of mine came true this month with my article about running in the Grand Canyon backcountry making it into Trail Runner Magazine (October 2013 Issue 91). My hope for the article is to inspire some people to go beyond the corridor and check out the amazing GC backcountry. It has inspired and changed my life in so many ways that I wanted to share that opportunity with others that may not have realized the potential.

A lot of people helped make this come together and I owe all of you big time. My wife Susan gets the biggest props for letting me go in the canyon with Ken Etzel for photos while we were just figuring out how to function with a three week old baby! Ken Etzel for the inspiring photography! Everyone that gave me input, info, gear and modeled: Mathiew Brown, Adam Gifford, Davey Crockett, Joe Grant, Meghan Hicks, Rob Krar, Christina Bauer, Ashley Maryn, Nathan Sports, Patagonia, among others and of course, Trail Runner for publishing it! ...and big thanks to the Grand Canyon, the most inspiring place to trail run anywhere!!!  


  1. Great article man! Next time I make it to the Grand Canyon I am going to try some of your suggested routes.

  2. Thanks! Let me know if you need more specific info on anything. Gotta love the canyon!!


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