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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Mexico Trip: San Antonio Hot Springs

Finally, some soaking!!! I have not been to a hot spring in a long time. We had to force it a little before going home but it was worth it!!!

The hot springs we went to were the San Antonio Hot Springs, in the Jemez Mountains. The springs are amazing, definitely one of my favorites, with tiered pools on a mountain slope and water averaging 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Ah, perfect. As the water cascades down the pools the temperature cools so if you are soaking you can slither in and out of different pools depending on your preference. We definitely took advantage and soaked thoroughly in each pool.

To add to the pleasure, we got there by 6 am and were the only ones soaking that morning. Early bird most definitely gets the worm in the world of hot springs. This pool can be particularly busy as it is less than 2 hours from Albuquerque and Santa Fe. We considered ourselves very lucky. Great morning and a great end to a really fun trip.

A couple notes of warning:
-Don't soak nude unless you want to risk a ticket. I heard at least one story of someone getting a ticket for soaking nude. Lame.
-The dirt road leading to the hot springs is pretty rough. It can and is done in low clearance vehicles but is really slow moving.
-Don't camp at the hot springs unless you want to risk a ticket. The springs are visited a fair bit by the rangers and they do not want people camping there (it is a day use area only). Camp there at your own risk. (there is excellent camping on a dirt road directly opposite the dirt road to the hot springs (Forest Service Road 376) where it meets State Road 126.

Get more information on the San Antonio Hot Springs here.

Learn more about the Jemez Mountains here.

Learn about one of my favorite little towns, Jemez Springs here.

Moooo! These cows were just hanging out, having a good old time, chowing on grass at the hot springs.


  1. looks wonderful, you'll have to take us there sometme. Dick would love it.

  2. And how! That place is really amazing.

    Has Dick gone to any hot springs lately?

  3. No, but when he saw your pictures he thought that looked wonderful. He's envious.

  4. Everything I've been reading sounds amazing. But the hot springs, where you just have to lay back to enjoy, really caught my eye. You & Susan have a life that is hard for us urbanites to imagine and puts us in awe. Thanks for sharing it! Like your folks, I'm envious.

  5. Laura,

    Thanks for following my blog! Hopefully I can keep it worth reading!!! By the way, I'm excited to be apart of the Spizz family.


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